Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to Israel

So I found how to get back to Israel from the United State.
It is very easy  and I could choose any  time I shall choose France.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Before he went to Europe at the beginning of the last war my son told me
not to watch TV and not to read the news papers so I could be more calm.
He also added that driving in our area is more dangerous than some missiles.
Now he is back for some months and I pick him several times a week from the train station
and have time to be in the mall few minutes before closing time.


  1. I can see you doing a 'virtual world tour' as time goes by!
    Too often 'the media' concentrates on bad news and sometimes I wonder if keeping the population [of the world] in a state of fear isn't really a form of control? Perhaps I should take to reading mindless romance books as a diversion??

  2. I think you are right Shirley about the Media. But I am a kind of news addicte. Only last few days I started reading books again after a month that I could not read any thing.

  3. My mother stopped watching the News and I thought she was mad. As I have got older I understand her and have recently found myself thinking the same. It may not be the right answer but it helps.

  4. Thank you Rachel. I was to lazy to cook and bought it for my son.

  5. What books do you like? Do you read in English? My book group met here last night and we discussed " The Uncommon Reader" by Alan Bennett. It was deemed to be a very good book, and everyone gave it high points.

  6. I have this book in my house. In hebrew of course:) May be I shall read it again. I books in Hebrew . most of them are translated. It is a good thing to have a book groop. wish i had it here .