Thursday, October 16, 2014

After the Holidays

Tomorrow begins the "after the Holidays" season.
For nearly a month we had 3 holidays with a lot of
food.So after the holidays is always the time when new resolutions are taken.
The most popular is the beginning of the diets,and I am not exceptional.
By a coincidence I  just started to reread 3 of my old books ( I always read 3 at a time).
Nora Ephron's Heartburn, Andreas Staikos's Dangerous cooking and Peter Mayle's French Lessons.
All of them are very very rich in mouth watering recipes.
(Some of them I had already Cooke in the past)/


  1. Don't worry too much about what you eat. Enjoy your meals in a sensible way!

    1. Thank you Rachel. I took your advise and just came back from another family birthday party in ehich I ate and enjoy as much as I COULD,

  2. Diets and gorgeous food???!!! Somehow I think that is an oxymoron! I love looking at cookery books but invariably fall back on my favourite recipes, though last night I did try a new recipe ... a salmon potato salad and it was lovely.

  3. Being both the cook in the house, and something of a gourmet, I do have a problem keeping my weight down. Also as a diabetic I know it's essential. As Rachel says, we should just eat sensibly.

  4. Your food fhotos always make me hungry.

  5. Three books at once?! One in each room? :)
    Yes, it will be nice getting back into real life after the holidays.
    Meanwhile, Shabbat shalom, Yael!