Monday, October 27, 2014


I listened to the radio in my car yesterday night while waiting to my son to come back with the train.
Someone was talking about our being exposed in so many ways and situations nowadays.
most of the streets are covered with cameras. Our smartpones tell where we are what we are doing and with whom we are talking.Our photos are in FB,  Pinterest, Instegram and more.And Google knows everything.
I belong to a generation that cherished privacy.Sharing your private life was a right that reserved to famous people and for other it was like hanging your dirty clothes outside.
I was thinking about it as I thought about blogging and the new generation of"" old" blogers who are not afraid to tell the world who they are.
Today was another day of chasing builders and all other kinds of interesting workers-


  1. Yes, I often think about this Yael. I picked up a whole book written on the subject in the library last week. I borrowed it for one day and then took it back, it was too scary telling me all these things about who might be reading this and who might be reading that. In the end I stuck my head in the sand. I expect my mother turns in her grave in despair at me. I have just spent half an hour on Face Book looking at pictures of my friends all over the world of them enjoying themselves. It is part of life today and I prefer to be part of it and not be left behind. I like the pictures of the lorry and the grandchild. I wonder what the load is on the lorry.

    1. The lorry has many pieces of lawn, We watched and filmed the whole proces but I can not upload it here.

  2. I guess we just have to find the happy medium in this matter.
    Hope your kids are feeling better.
    Are those rolls of grass on the truck? I didn't know we put down grass like that in Israel. Love the way your little boy is standing.

  3. Yes it is grass.Now they need a rainy winter to keep it green.

  4. I thought maybe it was grass. In europe 'garden turf' is sold in much smaller rolls; those are HUGE. I've given up worrying about 'big brother'. All the info is out there in cyber-land, and if anyone wants to read it they are welcome.

  5. I always enjoy seeing the world around with 3 years old grandson.