Sunday, October 12, 2014

waiting and thinking

I was waiting for him to finish his karate lesson and had time to think.
It is the same place that could be hit by a missile not long  ago.
What a crazy world.
I try not to write about the war that was here and pretend that we live normal life
like everybody else in that vulnerable world.
I try to forget all those comments against Israel like a Greek chorus in some blogs.
It was only short time before those commenters realized that they are exposed to danger
in their own countries.
I took him back home after the lesson and in my car we were talking and he said that he hope he will get the black belt before he will go to serve in the army. (he is 5.6).


  1. Yes, we should enjoy the normal time while we have it.

    Your grandson is right, from age 5 to 18 passes quickly and suddenly the boys are soldiers.
    My grandson is 11 and just got his (junior) black belt in karate, but in Australia.

  2. He is lucky:)
    Iam going to correct the "carate" mistake.
    thank you Dina and again- Chag Sameach( sounds a little beat like Scotish.)

  3. I am staring at this post and wondering what to say. It is not a nice chorus you have been hearing. I like your description of it as a Greek chorus, it is very poetic about a bad thing. You can only do what you know to be right and keep life normal for you and your grandsons and your pretending will turn into reality.

  4. thank you Rachel.
    At that time my life was in danger and it hurt to read in some blogs so many wrong things about us. But the wearth was those comments, mostly by weman, I don't know why, who blindly agread with writer.I hope it is all over now/

  5. Sadly the world is in a state that could easily be called chaos and we are parents, grandparents, have a duty to hope for a peaceful world for our offspring. Even more sadly too many folk fail to think about situations, fail to see more than 'media' comments that are so often biased. With education being open to many folks it is these folks who cling to old, out-dated, bigoted views. An intelligent appraisal of world situations can not be done in a moment; it takes time to explore all views.
    It is a sad that young children wish to grow up warriors, but it has been so since the beginning of time. Survival of the fittest etc.

  6. I heard today that a huge amount of money is to be given to the 'Palestinians' to repair war damage. I didn't hear of any going to Israel for the same purpose. It reminded me of the money given to Germany after WW2..... it obviously pays to start trouble.

  7. You was one of the few people who understand what is happening here Cro.It is incomperhensible how most people don't see that Israel never start wars just like that. the Hamas can deside to threw missiles whenever they want to.

  8. Yael, no one should have to live with such uncertainty of bombings. You try to keep the lives of your children and grandchildren as normal as possible to help them cope. If that isn't the very love of a grandparent I don't know what is.

    It is not easy in America to support the existence of Israel as a Jewish state. Many Americans don't even know a Jewish person...or a Muslim for that matter. I live in the metropolitan New York area so Judaism has always been a fact of life for me with coworkers and friends. If not in Israel then where could Jews live without threat of modern pogroms? If Jews from Islamic states didn't have Israel to go to when being driven out of Islamic surrounding nations where would they go? That is an ever present existential question born out of centuries experience.

    The wounds on both sides of this seemingly endless struggle are very real and controlled by the absolutists on either side. I yearn for a compromise solution for both peoples but my Jewish friends tell me "it will never be solved" which really throws me. So tragic for everyone involved. No child born on either side should live with constant fear and loss.

  9. you are right Leslie.
    i have some arab freinds who also think so. We often talk about the sad situation and conclude that if it was up to us the simple people the sistuation would have been better.

  10. Re Leslie: I find it amazing that the Jewish people should be 'driven out' of anywhere. From my experience they are very hard working and peace loving people; an asset to any country.

  11. I am so glad you come and read this again Cro. It makes me thinks about it in onother way.