Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Happy lockdown

Here in the picture are seven of my grandmother's nine sisters. One sister is not in the picture and the brother is missing. My grandmother is one of the little girls sitting.

 The photo was taken in Leipzig, Germany. My grandmother was born in 1900 and was probably five or six years old when the picture was taken. My journey through Corona time brought me up with each of the sisters most of whom I knew nothing about.

Each of the sisters has a dramatic and often tragic life story. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are scattered in many places in the world. Mostly in the places they came to and lived there.Two of the sisters did not survive the Holocaust and died in Auschwitz.
The grandchildren and great-grandchildren live in Israel, England, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, the United States, Australia and Brazil. One sister emigrated to Norway but had no children.
Oddly enough a large proportion of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren are doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, artists and painters. My grandmother was a painter.
One of the grandchildren is even an English baron.
I now know the personal story of each sister. Her date of birth and who her children and grandchildren were. We now have contact with a large number of them and it seems that everyone has been happily drawn to this fascinating journey of discovering the roots.
We have a WhatsApp group that connects all the ends of the world, and it gets small all of a sudden especially in the days of the