Sunday, February 28, 2016

Homage to Cro

This is what is going right now in my yard. It is going all over the place for weeks. As if i don't have other things to worry about, now i am afraid that the house will collapse. I just realised that all our fears are a story that the mind is telling us, we are the creators of the story, the readers of it and  viewers of the pictures that the mind draw while we visualise the story of our fears, I  shall try to create happier stories from now on.
My house did not collapse and the orange monster just went away.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I took the picture this morning and sent it to my son who went to Europe for a month.The neighbor's dog likes Edmund and come to sit with him every morning.
Few hours latter i noticed that Edmund is sad, very sad. I called the vet who took him to make some checks.He called me back now and said that Edmund has his kidneys problems again and he will be back home tonight. The vet is sending me pictures of syringes filled with blood and urine. all the pros and cons of our  times in one day.