Monday, November 18, 2019

Other people's troubles

Or why I love BlogLand.
Quiet now and it is possible to live in the illusion that this is how it will be for a long time and in the meantime to immerse myself in this book I read about it in Blogland, I ordered it at an English site and without a shipping fee it cost a quarter of the price of each book here, (shipping was free).

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tomorrow is another day

Television worked all day, things repeated, alarms in Tel Aviv and places they thought they were far from the missile range. There really is no safe place. It's all about luck. The children are happy that there is no school tomorrow, again, and they all sleep together in the sheltered room.
Tomorrow is another day.

No school today

And again they stay at home because they must be close to the protected space. The room in a house that is protected from rocket fire. I am 30 km away and can hear the explosions of the Iron Dome. 50 missiles this morning

The pictures are not from today, but it is the same situation the orange stripes tell us where there is an alarm in real-time.