Saturday, July 21, 2018

Watching TV

 The orange stripes tell us in real time where there are alarms, even during the World Cup finals or sometimes just when you want to see a cooking program. And now I promise only positive posts.

Friday, July 20, 2018

What I just wanted

What you can see from here can not be seen from there.Not everything is political.Sometimes I just need one good word to overcome the existential anxieties here.Our life here is like life everywhere else, but here we have added value and you all know what it is, it's not politics, it's the human need for security when your existence is in danger, so when I'm anxious here, do not talk to me about the other side, the other side is anxious and suffering and miserable and suffering , There are no culprits here, I know many people on the other side and talk to them, they suffer just like me, so do not get confused and pretend to really understand what you do not know,
I do not represent anyone, only myself, do not blame me for the suffering of others When I write about my anxieties here, they are only mine, and I have no solutions that will bring peace to the world, neither do you, and thank you to all who understand,