Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sreet cat

The photo was taken  a few minutes ago.It is raining here and Sneaky the cat went inside the igloo that i bought for Edmund last winter when it was snowing(!) here.Edmund used it once, but than Sneaky went inside and Edmund never went inside again.Sneaky was a street cat, I saw him many times sitting on the garbage cans .One day Edmund konced on our door and became our cat, Sneaky was watching him, he came to eat with him, he slept near  him, and started to watch his behaviour,He let us tuch him and was not afraid any more.We feed him with dry cat's food with some canned tuna fish above, lately i discovered that he eats only one kind of tuna fish, he does not like Rio mare tuna fish (imported from Italy), he eats only Israeli products. he was a street cat. he  knows what he is doing.Sneaky the cat will never ban Israeli products.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The psychology of hatred

Why do someone starts hating somebody else ? What is the moment that the name of a COUNTRY, RELIGION or ORIGIN starts to ring all the bells of hatred in someones else ears and sol?
Is it one moment or many moments of bad education and bad life circumstances?
How come that the hatred is so strong that it spreads like spider web and touches and hurts everybody else who talk to the object of hatred?
How miserable one can be? how much fun can you really get if you are motivated mostly by negative emotions? can one live a happy and healthy life if most of the time he is insulting people in the virtual world?
How coward one can be ? not presenting himself with his real name and identity?Where does his real life and virtual life meet? there must be a place in his real life that all those negativism take place too.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Family members

Dog 1- my "grandson", sitting on my daughter's front porch, waiting for me to take him with me when we go to pick the children from their kindergarten
Dog 2- looks so sweet and innocent, caught in the middle of the night sleeping in a forbidden place.