Wednesday, October 29, 2014

things I did not know about cranes

Pair cranes will never parted.
If one of them dies the other will not find another partner.
They are very loyal to the family,all day they are with the family
only toward evening they join the flock.
The Japanese choose them as a symbol for hope, peace, happiness and longevity.
Each year they are coming to stay in the north of our country.
I know they've started the journey..


  1. Nature; birds and animals never fail to astound me with their inbuilt instincts. While we do not have cranes here [or not that I have seen] in our nearest town around the river mouth, there are pelicans, and not far from here [further up the river] we often see a egret fishing on the weir.
    Who needs a bird in a cage when nature has such a variety to admire?!

    1. Each year there is one or two days that they are just flying over us with a lot of noise.

  2. I wonder if they are the ones that Cro saw the other day? I have never seen one apart from on TV!

  3. Cro;s post was the inspiration.

  4. We don't see them in the UK. I like to watch the geese fly over in skeins and we rush out and watch and listen to them. I love all bird flight in flocks. I am just catching up on blogs tonight.

  5. And we dont have geese here, I wonder why.
    Google or Blogger still thinks I am from USA, dont know why either