Friday, October 31, 2014


It is raining.  A real rain for the first time this year and even a small thunderstorm.
The sky is gray and it looks like the winter that I so love.
I am so happy that the roof is not leaking (yet) and hope that this winter I shall have not leaking walls and roof.
I am so pleased that the war was in the summer. Can not imagine myself running to the bomb shelter in the rain.(Especially after the visit to the hair dresser).


  1. There is nothing better than the first real rain of the season. I love the smell of wet ground that was only moments ago dry ground. But I do not like rain, like you Yael, when I have just visited the hairdresser. Hopefully there will be peace all winter! And for winters to come.

  2. Did you hear about England's Maureen Lipman? If not, google her name. Her reasons for quitting the Labour Party are admirable.

    1. I Googled her and wish there will be more like her.

  3. Life goes on as they say. I see the dog is in on his cushions.

  4. She likes to watch the street from the window but in rainy days she sleeps.