Sunday, July 13, 2014

war diary- day 6

The ambulances will replace the siren into ice cream truck's siren, in order not to confuse
the anxious people here after 6 days of sirens.
And what the real ice cream trucks will

In the innocent  image here you see a 2 year little grandson entering home.
Actually it is 2 years little grandson running to the protected room in the house when we hared the siren.
he had 45 seconds to arrive to the room before the missile explode.


  1. You must find life very stressful!! Too much for children to have to bear at such an early age. Stay safe!

  2. I hope it will end soon. It is sterssful indid.

  3. Shalom Yael. Your pictures (like this one) are worth a thousand words.

    This is one time that I am glad my own grandchildren are back in Australia and no more in the Negev.

    Wishing you savlanut and safety.

  4. Please see my blog of yesterday (16th July) entitled 'They're in The News again'. I am amazed that people still cannot see the truth of what is happening over there. Best wishes, Cro.

  5. I saw your post and i am so thankfull