Saturday, July 19, 2014

war diary- day 12

I can here the bombs or the rockets or what it is. It is getting closer again after a relatively
quiet day,
And I did it- early in the morning I went like a brave grandmother to visit my young grand kids.I came back home in one piece and I am so glad.
It was a day of dinosaurs and Bob the builder and Lily the fairytale.
Now I here in the news that rockets are falling on the road which I took in the morning and on my way back.


  1. I am so pleased you took the risk and visited the grandchildren ... they can be a life-line to sanity in such stressful times. And so pleased you made the journey safely! Looking at the photo of the little boy playing outside in brilliant sunshine makes such a contrast to what is really happening.
    Stay safe!!! I am appreciating your regular postings ... they allow us to know you are safe.

  2. I presume you live quite close to the border. It must be so frustrating knowing that it could all end if only they'd stop firing rockets!!!

    1. Israel is so amall you know.Iam not close to the border but rockets are every where.It is a big conflict about the ending of this this time,

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  4. sorry cro i deleted your comment by a mistake.. israel is so small you know that rockets are every where.

  5. THANK YOU sHIRLY MY loyal follwer. The picture is from last winter. Yesterday we didnot get ouy from the house . I t ook some fotos but could not upload them from unknowen reason.