Monday, July 28, 2014

morning coffee

Newspaper, book and summer sun in the window.
But if you take a closer look you can see in the news paper picture the hospital nurses holding the premature babies in the corridor while the siren is going on.they have not bomb shelter for the babies.


  1. Oh dear ... to think that the innocent babies have their lives in danger because there are no shelters for them. Sadly it does appear that an end to this war is some way off ... the sun shining through your window belies what is outside. It all looks so peaceful indoors.
    Stay safe!!

    1. Shirley, strange but I feel safe at home. I am more on the roads this week and so happy to come to my unprotected home:)

  2. It makes me want to weep…such innocents at risk…and so many blameless lives lost across the border too. All in the name of…what? I am not sure.
    Enjoy your is raining here this afternoon in Harpenden. Nice to have it a bit cooler actually, we have been having temperatures in the high 20'sCentigrade for several weeks..too hot for me!

  3. It so hot here.I prefer rainy days.But I must say that war in the summer is better than war in the winter ( considering I must run those 60 meters to my bomb shelter).