Thursday, July 17, 2014

war diary- day 10

I started this blog because I wanted to improve my English. Now i write because I am so afraid.
Last night at 02.00 there was the sierne. I had to run in the middle of the night to the bomb shelter and so did my neighbours with their small  kids.
The dog is also very scared but i cannot take her with me because i have only 60 seconds to get to the shelter and it is too complicated to make her go with the leash.I stayed at home with her the first days because of Thad but than I realized that there are some people in the world that still need me to help them. So I can not be heart by a missile in the middle of the night.


  1. It must be the scariest thing ever to have to run to shelter in the middle of the night. The wearing down of your nerves must be immense. Stay safe!!
    The little dog will have absolutely no comprehension of what is happening but I guarantee that each time the siren sounds the dog is as frightened as you. Stay safe!!

  2. My best friend's daughter Hadassah and grandchildren live north of Netanya. I worry all the time. Funny...all my Jewish friends tell me "it will never change" while I, a non-Jew, can't stop hoping someone will find a way to a peace agreement. It's like a bad dream that never ends.
    Be well and stay safe. Hold those precious grandchildren close...they are joy in the present and hope for the future.
    Leslie in NJ, USA

  3. Thank you shirly and Leslie. It is good to know that somewhere in the world there are people who do mind and care.

  4. Yael, yes, I think it is important for us to write now.