Friday, July 18, 2014

war diary- day 11


Most of the time the war is in my  head.Should I take a shower in the morning when it is still quiet
or in the evenings when the missiles alarms are more often.
The TV is going on and on but the eye is on the left corner of the screen where you can see if there are missiles alarms and where exactly they are.
Usually I go to help with the 3 small gran kids several times a week but now I must be very brave or stupid
to drive those 30 km. It is unbelievable but that it is.


  1. The siren caught me all full of soap in the shower Wednesday afternoon. I never knew I could dry off a little, get dressed, and run into the shelter so fast! (But here in my town we have 90 seconds between siren and explosion.)
    I also have the TV coverage on all the time and try not to leave the house.

    Nice to hear and compare your experience of the situation, Yael.

  2. We hear on the radio here in Western Australia that things are not improving at all ... evidently the ceasefire was short lived. My thoughts are with you ... and Dina, if you read this. It is amazing just how quickly we can shower, or complete a shower quickly, when it a matter of life and death.
    Stay safe!!!

  3. Dear Yael,
    my heart is with you. Innocent people on both sides of the war are suffering; we hear reports and see pictures every day on the news. I hope there will be a lasting ceasefire soon.

    My very best wishes for a safe deliverance.

  4. Tank you Shirly, Dina and Friko. IT is good to have worm words this days.

  5. I do hope your forces can take-out all these wretched missile posts, and maybe those who supply both the arms and money would STOP. Stay safe.

  6. I hope so too.It was a quiet day but now it is getting close again,I can hear the bombs or what it is all the time,