Monday, July 21, 2014

Edmund the cat

I have more time at home now so I keep company to Edmund the cat  who needs people around him most of the time.
Edmund does not drink water from the bowl. He put his leg in the water and drinks from his leg.
A week ago we saved him from a snake bite and for him it was the first time to get a ride in my car. He behaved OK.


  1. Had to smile at Edmund as I have never seen a cat take its drink from its leg. Makes me wonder how he learned to do that.

    1. I just came back from the bomb shelter after the noon siren. I checked on Edmund he does not mind the sierens.
      Edmund came to live with us a year ago. we dont know from where and why.he brought with him his freind Sneaky that used to seat on the garbage cans. From Cro Magnon blong I learned that he is a Tabby cat,

  2. My cat occasionally drinks that way too. However, when he visits the vet', he usually pees in his box on the way home. Relief, I suppose.

  3. When we took Edmund to the vet last week he was too big for any box so he sat on my son's knee.Only than we learned that he is a neutered cat and not a female as we thought.( I hope this is the correct word. I took it from google translate...and I know how funny Googl is translating...)

  4. I think running to the bomb shelter is so good for my brain ...I wrote the comment few minutes after I came from the shelter. My comments are geting longer after the alarm sierens.:)