Monday, July 21, 2014

war diary- day 14

I saw that there is a siren where my daughter lives. I waited 10 minutes in order to let her be safe
in her shelter and then phoned her. She told me that there is a siren in my area.Soon I hared the siren.
I ran to the bomb shelter, waited 10 minutes came back and wrote some comment on my blog,Than took the dog for a short walk praying for silent until she will finished what she had to do.
my bomb shelter


  1. Yes, I just heard a few booms and my door rattled, but no siren.

  2. Scary stuff. Thank goodness you have a shelter to go to! I think my nerves would be at stretching point if I had to endure what you folks are.
    Stay safe ... you and your family.

    1. I think that there is a Human Mechanism that mekes us less fearful when we are in the events.I am not very very scared.Thank God we do not have Hurricanes or Earthqukes:)

  3. The offensive obviously hasn't managed to take-out all the missile launching sites. I wonder if they ever will?

  4. Only yesterday steeped into my mind the idea that it will never end.We used to say to every new born baby that he will not have to serve in the army,How innocent we were.