Sunday, July 20, 2014

war diary- day 13

More of the same. I stay at home reading blogs hearing TV in the background.

I have Red Alert siren in my IPhone application and I noticed today that the Bedouin villages were added
to that application, When there is an alarm siren in the Negev they get the Red alert siren too.And there were a lot of Red Alert for the Bedouin today.There are many UN-recognized Bedouin villages in the Negev.They are not protected got hurt by missiles during this war.

My English is very dull. I know. I  wish i could say more but I don't have enough words.But it is important for
me to say here what i have to say.


  1. I wish all the soldiers could be just toy ones like in your picture.
    It is such a sad evening now as we bury our 18 young soldiers.

    It is a hard time for the Bedouin too.

  2. It is a sad day,
    I am afraid it is not the end. Things are very complicated now.

  3. It goes on and on with loss of life. Wars are senseless!
    Your English is OK!! And I for one am grateful you are able to post each day if only to know you are OK.
    Stay safe!!

    1. We had a quiet neight but I still sleep with my closes becouse I might meet my neigbours in the middle of the neight) in the bomb shelter;)

  4. Your English is just fine. No-one worries about a few tiny mistakes, we are much more interested to hear that you are OK. I have just been listening to a Hamas spokesman at the UN, I really don't know how he could talk such rubbish; he was suggesting that the aggression was all one-sided. Unfortunately there are some who believe him.

  5. The UN is knowen for taking one side for many years.May be we Israelies are not so good with explanation.Hamas did not let the people to live the houses in Gaza before the oparation becouse they know that weakness photograph well.And thank you again cro.Some how I find myself thinking about people like you and Shirly in Australia who car and bring some light to this dark days.