Thursday, September 18, 2014

to be a foreign

I 'd never lived in another country.
In my country I am aware of all the nuances of the language.
Blogland is like a foreign country for me.
Sometimes I am walking in unfamiliar streets known only to locals.
They know every corner and lanes. I don't.
It is my choice to be a foreign.
I am curious and I like people so I shall go on with my funny and not so correct English.


  1. One main reason I like Blogland is the fact that we are all different re location, but underneath we are the same ... human beings. It never fails to astound me how alike we all are [well there are some exceptions but those people have no humanity].
    I love the balconies reaching over the street.

  2. Is that Tel Aviv? It looks very Italian.

    Shirlwin is right, it often surprises me how similar we all are. We grow roughly the same crops, have similar weather, and we usually think much the same thoughts. Blog-world unites us.

    1. This is Palermo:) 2009 I was there. I love sicily.

  3. You are both right Shirley and Cro, (and the anon too). I was talking only about the language which sometimes is more difficult for me. But every thing is ok. I like Blogland. and if you both come again to read the comments can you tell me please if I am your follower or I disapear in some way that I DON'T UNDERSTAND..

  4. I think your English is very good! A second language is difficult in any case but I think English is probably worse than most. Practice is the only way to improve!

    I've been studying Spanish since the beginning of the year, and when I try to converse with my friends from Latin America I'm still so very limited in what I can say and understand. I wish I had started younger instead of waiting until age 39 to begin! I try to not feel discouraged and just keep practicing, practicing, practicing....