Friday, September 19, 2014

the oldest thing in my house

My grandmother was born in 1900.
This is the certificate of completion of her sewing studies when she was 14.
She was born and lived in Germany until 1938.
She lived here more than 60 years and could not speak Hebrew.
 She talked to me in Germain and i answered in Hebrew.
 So now I can not speak German but I understand everything.
I find it hard to believe that this paper is 100 years old.


  1. That is a wonderful document to treasure. I enjoy researching family history.

    1. We do not have a lot fo documernts but this very special.

  2. What a story you have there ... family history is fascinating and although I do not know anything other than your posting you have given a real glimpse into the past. Did your grandmother keep up her sewing ... did she sew as a means to earn a living, or just for family. Do you sew?

  3. It is a interesting story.\, her life. May be I shai write it onother time. She did not sew at all after she came to israel.She was an amature painter.

  4. Such things used to be so beautiful. When I received my degree it was a very dull piece of paper; I think I threw it away. Yours is a very special souvenir.

  5. What a lovely thing to have. Do you have any of her paintings?

  6. Thanks for this nice history post. Such an interesting window into the past.
    The diploma is beautiful.
    I started 8 years of German language study (in America) in 1959. Our first textbooks still had the graceful old Gothic script.
    You are lucky you learned German through hearing, and not through textbooks.

  7. Thank you Dina for your comment.

  8. Sie mögen keine Kommentare von einer Deutschen ? Wie schade . Ich finde dieses Dokument wunderschön und sehr berührend. Sorry my english is not good . Marianne

  9. Sorry it was by mistake, my english is also not very good:) I dont mind commenting in Germain as long as you are real.I have anonymous reader with many names so I am not sure sometimes.