Monday, September 15, 2014


.That how the sky looked like an hour ago.
 It  was like a promise of rain.
But it never rains in September here.
There are a lot of new olives on the old olives trees.
I have an olive tree near my front door and I wish it
would not be there but it is very old and the law prevents me from cutting it.
Exotic things are not always as good as it seems when it comes to live with them every day:)


  1. I would LOVE that Olive Tree in my garden, it looks wonderful.

  2. That one is on a publick road.Also not far from my house. The one near my door is a real trouble becouse all the olives are falling down and make such a mess.

    1. When they are ready, in november my neighbor is picking them.

  3. Too cold for Olive trees here in the village, funny I've only recently developed a taste for them.

  4. There are several kinds of them. Some of them are very tasty but you can not just eat yhem from the tree.

  5. There are several olive groves in our district and we buy olive oil from one of the growers at the local '1st Saturday of the month' local markets. I haven't developed a taste for the olive even though there are many concoctions available in the shops. The olive tree always looks peaceful for some reason; maybe its the shade they provide?

  6. The tree you show is beautiful. Olives are grown commercially in Australia now.