Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September sky

There is something special in September sky.
Suddenly there are clouds in the blue sky,
(Though this summer there  were many gray sky days from unknown reason.
I think it was because of the gray smoke's clouds from the south).
The weather people say it is going to be a rainy winter.
I have to call somebody to seal the roof before the winter starts.
last winter I was watching Sky news covering those terrible floods in England,
My heart was with those  people whose homes were flooded. I did not know
that the summer will come and those people may watch the covering of our troubles here.


  1. Beautiful skies. It looks quite green in some parts, considering you are at the end of summer. Maybe irrigation.

  2. No rain here all the summer.I am waiting for some rain.

  3. Today's clouds were wonderful, I agree! A foretaste of autumn. I can hardly wait to see some real rain clouds over Israel.

  4. September is a favourite month here. The temperatures stay around 25C, we swim every day, and the skies are often unclouded. Perfect.

  5. September..... I love the beginning of autumn here. The trees start to change their 'dresses' colours before dropping them and there is always some wild food to be munched whilst out in the now crisper feeling air.