Thursday, October 12, 2023

the fifth day

I am debating whether to tell only my personal story here or to give a broader picture of the terrible thing that happened here. The truth is that nothing happened to me that had not happened before in previous rounds of war. Right, I'm scared. I have many minutes of fear with alarms in my unprotected hallway, I don't go to my grandchildren and I hardly leave the house. My grandchildren have not been going to school for five days and they are all sleeping together with the two dogs, the cats and their mother in the protected room. They are used to such situations and not anxious.   -

The TV stations here take pity on us and do not broadcast difficult images or details. There are difficult details that I see precisely on foreign TV stations. But after five days the real story starts to come out.

There is an organization called Zaka that has been operating for more than twenty years in places where there have been serious accidents or attacks. They collect corpses and what remains after an attack. They have seen terrible things in these twenty years and now they are being interviewed and crying. They say that they have never been exposed to such severe cases of abuse of babies, children, and deaths. Entire settlements are completely burned and the bodies have not yet been collected. There are also dead bodies of dogs and cats in the streets.              Everyone talks about it in terms of a holocaust after the sights are revealed.

I think this is the last time I will write here about the general picture because I don't want to flood the post with descriptions of horror and also with the understanding that as much as I want the understanding and support from those who read it won't always happen 100 percent.

With all the difficulty we experience here there is also a beautiful side of the thousands of people here who help everyone who is in need. The feeling is that the disputes that have been here in the past months are over and the people are very united.

And a big thank you to all the blogland members for the supportive comments. For me it means a lot.                                             


  1. Mrs Yaƫl it's ridiculous. I do not like to speak about personal things, but my father who was a Jew ( my mother not) was liberated from Auschwitz in 1945 and committed suicide 6 months later , I was 4 . I cannot speak about him and who he was but my mother did.tell me a lot. So I know what horror means. I wish you the best and that all this comes to an end.
    Hannah Bernstein ( very proud of my father's name)

  2. I am pleased once again to hear from you Yael. Stay safe along with all around you.

  3. The horrors are being reported here. Unimaginable pain for all those involved. I am relieved that you and your family are still unharmed and I fervently hope that this all ends very soon.

  4. Details are also coming out in our news here, too. As you say, I have never seen Israel so united as now. The worst brings out the best in people.

  5. By accident of birth, I now live in a safe and secure country (Australia) and you live in such a dangerous one. My granddaughter has just left school and had three extra ear piercings; that's all she has to worry about. I am going on holiday to Japan soon. Life is not fair, is it?

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    1. Sorry.
      Your picture of everyday life tells us what you are going through. For how long? You can't see your family but I hope you can talk to them by phone or social media.
      More and more stories are being told by those with families who have disappeared.
      Keep writing. Keep sage

  7. I cannot imagine how you feel, or the horrors you are living through. I hope & pray you can keep safe in your little house, & that your family is also safe.

  8. Your country's response has been swift, hard, and correct. I do hope that this time the Gaza citizens take notice of what their leaders have caused.

  9. Thank you for writing us. I think of you and your family every day. I pray that you have peace and safety very soon.

  10. Yael
    I heard only one blessed story.
    The kibbutz close to Gaza was a scene of a horrific massacre on Saturday which the newspapers described in horrid detail. But I did not know that the Jewish soldiers came in hours later and found twin babies who had miraculously survived, hidden in a cupboard. The young parents had saved their tiny twins, a minute before the murderers burst into the house shooting.
    Thank goodness their savta will protect the tiny twins.

  11. Morning Yael, that was indeed a miraculous story. The news not so good today though. The world seems balanced on the edge of a knife.
    I am sitting here waiting for a delivery, life as normal. But my thoughts are often with you. X

  12. And thanks again to all of you. I still can't answer everyone personally and I'm sorry for that. I read every comment here and think of each of you personally, thank you.