Monday, December 1, 2014


Poor Edmund had kidney stones so we had to take him to the vet.
He stayed there over night and now he is back with some medicines and new food that
he does not like.
I  spent all afternoon outside watching him trying to  find shelter behind my neighbors house.
The last time I went out I found that one of the houses in the neighborhood is on fire and
the fire fighters are there.
Those are too big stories that could be told in a more interesting way if I had more time.


  1. Poor Edmund, Perhaps he could have something he likes later tonight and you can make a fuss of him. Cats are good survivors.

    I wonder how the house caught fire. Hopefully it is all under control now.

  2. Poor Edmund is sleeping now. May be tomorrow he will eat more. tomorrow I shall know more about the fire. I just came back home and every thing is quiet around.

  3. Oi, it was a bad news day. I hope your neighbors are OK.
    Good luck to Edmund, refua shlemah.

  4. Give Edmund another day of recuperation and he will be his 'old self' ... kidney stones are painful!
    I hate house fires! The destruction of a life times memories. I do hope the neighbours are coping OK.

    1. Istill dont know if Edmund is ok. He comes and goes. Ihope he will be ok.

  5. Freddie sends his kind regards to Edmund. Poor boy, it's never nice seeing the vet!

  6. I hope that Edmund is feeling better today and will eat something.

  7. I stil dont know about Edmund but he is eating more,

  8. He will be happy when I'll tale him about your comment. Thank you John.