Friday, December 26, 2014


By a coincidence I discovered that I have a Christmas tree in my garden.It all happened when Sneaky the cat jumped from the roof. The plant is called Poinsettia and in many countries it is the Christmas flower.It also felt like Christmas or Hanuka or any other  holiday when some people from New York landed in the field near my house while traveling here.


  1. The Poinsettias are often given as gifts at Christmas. Yours look a lot bigger than we one's we have here; ours are usually in pots, and grow to about a foot high.

  2. It is also in a pot, a big one.

  3. Nice action shot of the cat jumping down, you were obviously in the right spot with the camera at the right moment.

    1. I take all the pictures with my iphon. The cat saw me and ran on the roof so I was waiting for him to jump.

  4. Wow, what great captures of cat and helicopter in the air!
    Lucky tourists to have a private helicopter.
    Shabbat shalom, Yael.

  5. Shabat Shalom Dina.The tourist were 4 sisters with their parents.

  6. Poinsettias are beautiful and I always had one on the table over the Christmas period when in New Zealand. Unfortunately it is soooo hot here that the one I did buy a few years ago simply did not last. I have never seen one as big as your plant though!
    Wow a helicopter landing nearby ... now that is luxury! Did they have family in the area?

  7. I talked wiyh them a little and they said that they are traveling with the "old" parents to show them the country. I dont think they have family around.