Saturday, December 13, 2014

here and now and the future to come

Now -I have the Christmas cactus in full bloom.
Only when I  entered blogland I found out about it.
And the future:
The photo was taken in the area of our local graveyard.
I was there last week with my neighbour who lost her eldest son
in a motorcycle accident.She is almost  eighty, and while we looked down to
the green valley we said to our selves that this is the most beautiful view in our place.
I heard her saying to herself " it looks like England here".


  1. The cactus is beautiful!!
    It must be so hard for an elderly Mother to lose her son in a motorcycle accident ... any accident. We as mothers do not expect to bury our children.
    Your view is lovely and green but the sandy soil belies the fact that it isn't England [or New Zealand which is a lot like England in places]. Even this part of Australia is lovely and green in winter when the wheat and canola crops are growing. It is only once the harvest is over [its almost all over now] that the scenery becomes dry, brown, and almost scorched looking

  2. It so green only in winter and for short time, Wish it last more.

  3. Actually it looks more like Italy with those tall cypresses and olive trees (?). Beautiful.

  4. That is a very beautiful view. I did not know you had such green in Israel. Many mothers lose their sons one way or another forever more and it is a great sadness which never completely goes away.

  5. It is green here in this part of the country but not all year around.