Thursday, December 4, 2014

lazy gardening

The truth is that I know nothing about gardening. I also don't know English so well
and I do blog in English trying  not to think how funny or stupid I must appear many times with
my ridiculous English.
So why not trying to grow the flowers that I so love since my childhood.
I had time yesterday while waiting for my car in the garage (45,000 km treatment, in 2 years.) so I bought
those seeds in the near shop.
It says that they have to be in water 4 hours before planting.
Those Tropaelum are invasive plants. They came here from South America and we call them Monk's hat.I know Shirley in Australia loves them too.


  1. You are brave, Yael. Good luck with the flowers. I hope they are not confused by this heat today. Near Beer Sheva we have 28 degrees C.

  2. I think your English is a damn site better than mine Yael. Good look with the seeds.

  3. If they grow like my nasturtium plants they will make a wonderful show and keep on coming up year after year. Not lazy gardening Yael, just ensuring a carpet of colour for a long time for minimal outlay!
    Your English is very good and you shouldn't worry about it ... how many of us cannot speak, let alone write, in another language [my hand goes up here].

    1. I dont know why in my area I dont see those flowers. I hope I shall soon.

  4. There's no such thing as a lazy gardener; we all just find the easiest methods.