Thursday, December 25, 2014

blog land is quiet today

Too much food or wine or both, Or may be it is like this every year
in Christmas.Every one needs some break from every thing from time to time.
So it is really very quiet in blog land today.
I went into my small garden and saw the first rose of the year.T hose are real and old roses with the real wonderful smell. I have 15 bushes of roses but they are getting smaller every year because they are old. We all do.


  1. Yael shalom. Right. Most people in the world have better things to do than blog on Christmas day. Not so in Israel.
    Wishing you a happy Thursday. hehe

  2. I am here!! My middle son and his fiancee are cooking our meal at the moment. We had friends round for drinks earlier,and now just waiting for Xmas meal at 3 ish, so a time that I need to keep out of the kitchen and I am on the computer, seeing who else is posting! We go later to see our grandchildren and swap presents with them….the first time we have seen them actually on Xmas Day! Hope your day is nice…love from me X

  3. Happy Christmas again Frances:)

  4. I would say it is too many families visiting and no time for blogging for most people. We are quiet here, just the two of us, only boring repeats on tv so very quiet in fact. Hope you are all

  5. Thanks Rachel, I am fine. It s almost midnight here, Good night to you and P and the 4 cats,