Sunday, November 16, 2014

Under the Pine tree

So we have our mushrooms too. Almost like in France...
I had to look under the Olive tree in my garden and there they were.
Those are the only mushroom that I know here that can be cooked.
This is the first and the last day that they can be found. After the first or second rain in the
begining of the winter.They are called after the Pine tree which they are suopose to grow under, but for some reason I have them here under the Olive tree.Somtimes they get like sponge while being cooked so may be this is the reason why only few in my family like them.When I was a child we used to spend hours looking after them in the forests of the north and came home with empty baskets.
I think this is one of the few things in my life that got beter with the years.


  1. Congratulations on the first mushrooms of the rainy season!

    When we lived in central Israel decades ago, we would go for strolls in the huge pardesim next to our town. The kids would explore among the citrus trees and find animals and little skulls and skeletons, and their grandparents would pick the mushrooms in a small pine tree grove.

  2. Now I have them on my shaysh bamitbach and I don't want to eat them. They are just "bloging" mushrooms:)

  3. With thunder storm and lightning. But now it is all over.

  4. They are members of the same 'Boletus' family as our Cepes. They look like our Pine Cepes, which we don't eat but use as an indicator that their bigger cousins are about to appear.

  5. So we do have some kind of Cepes... why do you dont eat this kind?

    1. I iust cut them now and put in the freezer. I dont know if they would be good after freezing. We'll see.

  6. Mushrooms grew prolifically in our paddocks when I was a child ... we used to gather them but my Dad put me off by making us check for 'little bugs' that might be in them.

  7. That the problem with mushrooms.