Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I wanted to write about the signs of normality here.
When the bikes riders are back on the road on Saturday this is one of the signs.
But now things are getting bad again.Fear is the key word.
I have to go to my hair dresser and I am afraid again. Should I come back in one piece or should I be stabbed or shot or get my head wounded by a stone.
I think I shall go.


  1. I think you have to go! Fear is how ordinary people are manipulated!
    It looks so very hot in the photo; a lot like where I live and now that summer is just around the corner spending anything more than a few minutes outdoors is too long! Needless to say I prefer the cooler days.

  2. I went and just came back Shirley. It looke there like a war zone with all the army and police but my hair is clean and shiny,
    This what our winter is most of the time- hot. Ialso prefer cold days.

  3. I despair. What can one do to stop these maniacs! They seem to be getting worse and worse.

  4. I realy dont know. It seema that they dont mind even if their parents and young childs paying the price.

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