Friday, February 13, 2015

International 2

Even the air we breathed this week was international, not only the fruits from the previous post.We had a sand storm , a very strong one and the air was pure sand from the Sahara.Every thing is still brown and yellow and the cars need a good wash.The Lupins are in full bloom all around including my garden.the cats don't mind the dust and sand in the air and are waiting for the next meal.Edmund the cat is looking for my son who went to Europe for some weeks and Sneaky is resting before he will go again to look after female cats like he does this days.


  1. Is Sneaky being a naughty boy?

    Sometimes in the summer time we have wind from the Sahara and our cars get covered in Sahara dust. I always think it is an extremely exotic thing to happen but other people just seem to not be particularly interested.

  2. It happenes to me a lot that i am interested in things that other people find very boaring.
    Sneaky did not come to eat the whole day, He has some more important buisnes,

  3. We did hear that you had this bad sand storm. As Rachel says, our Sahara sand storms are viewed as rather exotic.... it's the thought of all that sand travelling all that way.

  4. It is exotic untill you spand 2 days in cleaning like I do, and the sand won't come off .

  5. Ah, now I know why you asked about the Lupins!
    The EU say it's dangerous for some people to eat products containing them because of allergy. The foods containing everything from lupins to mustard to gluten to crustaceans to nuts to almost whatever you can thing of a labelled from A thru P these days in EU restaurants.

    1. It amazing how many alergies people have nowdays.Icant recall so many in my childhood.

  6. "thing of" should be "think of".

  7. Sand / dust storms ... we have them here accompanied with whirling winds ... I do not like them at all!! I hate the layers of dust left behind.
    In this part of Australia some folk grow lupins, though not like the ones in your photo [we had that type in NZ, often in gardens as they make a bright background ... and are easy care:)]. The lupins grown here are made into flour, evidently it helps some folk with allergies. Though allergies are every where in food; perhaps we use too many anti-bacterial agents upsetting our natural immunity.