Sunday, February 1, 2015


I am not good at baking. My daughter is very very good in baking.I am good at buying presents and Elsa's dress was a good idea because that what the granddaughter wanted for  her 5 birthday.

This post is also my tribute to the  world of Blogland.  Facebook, Pinterenet and any other kind of social media that show the world what a wonderful and perfect life  we all have.


  1. My 4 year old granddaughter is besotted with " Frozen". She has the dress too, and a duvet cover and pillow, DVD, 2 dolls, a hat and various colouring and sticker books. I bought a box of tissues with "Frozen" pictures on it to give to her tomorrow when I look after her and her little brother. I just hope that little brother has a few less tantrums than he did last time I was babysitting in early evening!!

    1. I wonder why all over the world girls like it so much. I watced the film several times and dont understand .

  2. Happy birthday from France for little Elsa. Oh to be 5 again!

  3. Thank you Cro.I shall tell her.

  4. Scrumptious baking and your little grand daughter looks so sweet ... happy 5th birthday!
    I am behind the times with what interests little minds these days ... a sign of advancing years!

  5. I am also in the super herow's buisnes beacause of the boys.

  6. I do not know what words to use, unusual for me, but today I felt just the same and wanted to write about the importance of love and kindness on my blog and then I came here and found you were thinking the same.

    Happy Birthday to your grand-daughter too.

  7. Lovely cakes

    I saw a great deal of the famous documentary SHOAH last night
    A sobering and moving experience
    I will blog about it tomorrow

  8. I wonder why in the BBC and Sky NEWS they asked this week if there is the time now to forget the Shoah.