Sunday, August 31, 2014

The psychology of concerns

For 50 days I did not have those small worries that we all know very well.
There was one big concern- LIFE.
Now life is so normal that I wonder if it was only few days ago that I was so afraid.
I saw yesterday that even the Saturday's motorcyclists and the cyclists are back on the road
again, and I knew that it is the time for the small and daily worries again.


  1. Daily worries are much easier to cope with.

  2. That's very good news. Let's all hope that it now lasts.

  3. Let's hope. Today is the first day of school and quiet is so important.

    1. School starts today here too; and in the UK.

  4. I hope that your daily worries are very small!

  5. It's good that life is returning to normal. Small worries are much easier to deal with. That comparison makes me think about how fortunate I am! Thanks for reminding me.
    Enjoy your grandchildren:)

  6. Yael. I'm sad to see that you are suffering from uneducated and uncivilised 'anonymous' comments too. Delete them.

  7. I am so sorry that you also have those comments becouse of me.
    I delete them every day.
    I don't read them but I noticed the words 'OLD GRANNY"- that is realy crule:)

  8. You can block 'anonymous' comments.

    Go to 'Settings', underneath you need to click on 'Posts and Comments', then click on 'Registered user, includes registered id'. Then click 'Save Settings'. Done.

  9. ok. thanks. ( but than he opens a fack user like he did under the name aron.).

  10. And I realy do not mind those comments as long as I can delete them.

  11. How about using comment moderation?