Tuesday, August 19, 2014

bomb shelter again

My legs and hands are still shaken.I just

came back from the bomb shelter.
I knew it is coming when I saw that there are rockets all over the country.
The siren was few minuets ago.
our bomb shelter is a place where children are playing their music in days of peace.
I took some photos tonight.

I think I am not going to sleep soon. It is almost midnight but the sirens are now all over Israel.


  1. You are right, no use going to bed now.
    Oi, sirens in Jerusalem right now!

  2. Yes Dina. I was thinking about you too.

  3. Another round of anxious times! It must be very difficult to maintain an 'ordinary' sleeping routine. Stay safe!

  4. Hard to imagine living under those conditions... Stay safe.

  5. I have been busy so I have not been following the news, but I heard the rockets were flying again. I could not imagine what it is like to live under constant threat. I was born and spent most of my youth in Venezuela and though it was unstable on a political level and a dangerous place on a criminal level we never experienced war and the threat aerial attack. Hope you can get some sleep. Michael

  6. What a strange lot of people those Hamas folk are. As soon as the ceasefire time was finished, they couldn't wait to start firing missiles again; with the obvious result. What CAN one do with them!

  7. H ello my freinds all over the world. It was good to wake up this morning and see your comments. i must take the train to tel- aviv to day and it is unbelivable that I am afraid to do so, I shall write latter about Tel-AVIV.
    Thank you all.( It was a quiet night and I slept after all).

  8. Glad to hear that you got some sleep….hope you have a safe journey today. X