Monday, August 18, 2014

monday morning

Shirley deserve more photos of fruits and vegetables. 

So I went to our small one and only supermarket (mini market as we call it).
Monday morning is not a good day to take photos there, but I did.


  1. It's surprising how much Israel grown fruit and veg gets exported to Europe... very good it is too.

  2. Our water melons are also cut into pieces ... its amazing but all the vegetables and fruits in your photo we have here as well. It truly is a small world.
    A little tale ... I worked in the kitchen of an Outback hotel when I first came to Australia. We had water melons growing in 'the garden' which was in fact little more than a patch of red dirt [typical of the Outback] in which the boss had planted some water melon seeds. And very sweet and delicious they were!

  3. Hope you got some nice fruits and veggies at the market.
    Tuesday is my day for getting some ...