Monday, January 19, 2015

nothing new

I still can not upload new photos.I read in Blogger help forum that many bloggers have the same problem and feedback to Google were sent but nothing happened.
So i go and focus on the more important things in life,


  1. Oi. Blogger has so many problems lately.
    I am sorry about yours.

  2. Nothing in the grander scale of life. I think that I can do things on Chrome that I cannot do on Explorer with Blogger so I have given up with Internet Explorer. I often cannot transfer my photos too but I do something else instead, like write a post without a photo.

  3. Again, I suggest you upload Picasa 3. If you ended up not using it, you could always delete it. It's very good, free, and usually uploads direct to Blogger.

    1. Thank you Cro, I shall do it as soon as i have more time, my grandchildrens are sick now and I bussy and dont have the peace of mind that i need.

  4. So far, cross fingers, I haven't had problems with Blogger but have found all the Internet is s l o w. I am not sure if it is because there are so many extra people in our area [holiday makers], or whether the problems with the electricity cause the slowness, or what.
    Hope you find a solution:)