Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Saturday 2015

Rainy day here.The dog lives inside she wants to get outside most of the time.
The cats live outside they want to come in sometimes.
I checked their food. Edmund is eating food from Portugal (very expensive because of his kidney stones).
Sneaky eats food from Italy+ tuna spread on the dry food.
Wasay is eating dog food from Germany+ liver spread from Italy.
How did I manage to spoil those animals like I did with my children?
In general I know what I am doing wrong but may be I am too old to change it,


  1. Wow, haha. Don't spread the word about your menu, or all the animals in the neighborhood will be coming to you. :)

    1. Some of them alreay know like the hedgehoges.

  2. A truly international diet. Monty, our Labrador, has very expensive food; Labs are prone to become fat so he has special high energy diet food. Our other dog, Bok, just eats normal Pedigree food.

  3. I wonder how the two cats who were street cats 2 years ago became so spoiled.

  4. My cats are now having special ham bought for them so that they have something to eat while we are at the table. They have always been good about eating any type of cat food but P feeds them from the table and now it has reached a stage where I have to buy ham for them so they are not left out. When I was in Russia the lady I stayed with fed at least 10 street cats. She was not popular with her neighbours.

  5. Don't think of it as spoiling, but simply caring.
    The are enjoying a very international cuisine!

  6. I am afraid I am not helping the Israeli industry but it is not me to blame.