Wednesday, November 5, 2014

the day of the snail

I saw the first snail to day.
There was a lot of rain here lately so the snails went out.
I saw somewhere in the FB that people who cars make snail more welcome
to the community by building house  or putting extra things to the humble snails.
Also there is snail extract that reduce wrinkles,and can do wonderful things to the old human skin.


  1. Face cream from snail extract?? eeuw!

    Bareleh, bareleh, tseh hachutsa ... Happy snail season.

  2. I have a walled garden
    Snails are power for the course

  3. We have lots of snails here. They are stuck to the bottom of everything I pick up outside!

    1. Here we see them only in rainy dats which are not much.

  4. Welcome, Snail!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  5. I have a strange liking for snails and would never harm one.... but slugs are a different matter, and they are eliminated.

  6. While we do not have snails here our nearest town has hundreds [all over the garden plants, fence, gates etc] of small white snails. Do the French not eat snails?

  7. Ithink they eat snails. we have to ask Cro. Strange that you dont have snails.

  8. Snails and slugs are the bane of gardeners in damp conditions. In my experience they will eat down to the ground new growth of emerging plants and destroy leaves of already grown plants. Icky...
    I think there is a specific kind of snail native to France that's most popular for use as escargot. Others can be prepared & eaten but they are different.
    None of them are attractive to me either alive raw in the garden or cooked as escargot! :-)

  9. Yes French eat snails called vine yard snails. Escargots filled with herb butter quite tasty plus a good baguette.