Monday, November 3, 2014

Sandwich Day today

November 3rd is the birthday of Jhon Montagu (1718-3.4.1792).
Who became the first Earl of Sandwich in 1729. Popular myth cradit him with
having invented the sandwich.
That what I found when I googled how long I have to cook the bolognese. I found out
that I am doing it so wrong all the years. So tomorrow I shall do it right.
Tomorrow 4 november is the Mustrad day, I read, so I cook the better bolognese some other time.


  1. :) You have a delightful way of explaining things, Yael.

  2. Is there a 'salt and pepper' day as well? Who invents these things? I shall continue to celebrate Christmas day, and that's it! I eat mustard almost every day, perhaps I shouldn't.

  3. There is a day for everything I think.I just find all this DAYS by coincidence and say to myself why not.

  4. Thanks for telling me about the Google doodle for Niki de Saint Phalle. I updated my post with it and gave you a "hat tip."

    1. Thank you Dina. I am a very shy " blogger" as you know and might be embarrased with too many visitors,

  5. Over here its "sandwich day" almost every day, except when it "left overs from last night's dinner day". Though today I think it will be home made smoked lox on a muffin day.

  6. Welcome back to my peacefull blog M. :)
    I love left overs.

  7. November 3rd is also my birthday! We often have sandwiches for lunch; I think they are a marvellous idea. Mmm mustard ... I like the grainy one, but we don't have mustard all that often; I wonder why.

  8. Mazal Tov Shirley:) (that what we say in Hebrew for birthdays) and many happy returnes.

  9. That sandwich looks yummy. Good bread is essential!
    There are as many ways to make Bolognese sauce as there are cooks. I used to make it differently from my 3 sisters because I was still hand chopping all the ingredients. I think the texture of a sauce (ragu) contributes greatly to it's flavors when eaten.
    Being Italian I was taught to low simmer some sauces for hours after browning of ingredients and reducing special liquid used as with wine. Needless to say I don't make these authentic sauces as often as I used to. They are meals to be shared after such loving effort.
    If you like your Bolognese sauce then you're doing it right for you.
    Leftovers are some of the best meals in the world!

  10. It came out a good bolognese. Ijust was wandering if i should cook it for hours. Thank you Leslie.