Friday, December 19, 2014

the lupins are back

Our area is known for the lupins flowers.
In winter every Saturday there are many visitors who are looking for the purple flowers in the fields.
Every year we have more and more lupins in our gardens too.
I wonder why it did not happened before and it started only few years ago that the flowers came to our gardens from the fields.
The picture above was taken in my neighbor's garden. he has a lot of lupins. I try every year to get more flowers but have only few.  I  never give up and I shall try again this year too.
At least I have blue sky over my red roof as you can see.


  1. Are these wild Lupins? I must remember to sow some next year, I've always liked them and believe they are quite easy to grow.

  2. They are wild and all over the place here. I shall take a picture when they bloom around here on the hills.

  3. I have cultivated lupins in my garden; as I like lupins a lot I planted some as soon as I moved in here. Nice to see a view of your roof and the sky

  4. Every year we have more and more lupins here.

  5. The lupins remind me of parts of the South Island where lupins have taken over large stretches of land. They are wild and self sow ... less work!! Your house looks serenely settled into a lovely landscape:)

  6. I like my small house most of the time:)
    today is the first day of the winter and it is raining here.I see more and more Lupins around here. it is going to be nice here soon.